You can count on several points with LWC Painting that out-rivals competition.

Our initial consultation and estimate are always free.


We will discuss the best products and execution to get your space exactly how you want it. With access to our parent company, Lake Wisconsin Construction, we can craft individualized pieces for your space and make all necessary repairs.


Product discussion is more important than you might think. The best result depends on the right conditions, materials and perspective use. Do you need washable paint for a child’s room, or durable coloring for a business space? We will organize what you need and give you a wide range of products to choose from.


Color concepts are not always that easy, especially when you have more than one opinion in the matter. LWC Painting has been doing this for years. Let us show you options and designs you may not have already considered. We know how to turn a compromise into an exactly desired finish.

Scheduling is a big deal. With any company, you need to know when a project begins, stages of work, and when to expect the final unveiling. LWC Painting will discuss every aspect with you and devise a plan that works for everyone involved.


Likely, the best feature about LWC Painting is that there is rarely a down payment! We do not want money up-front for a job that is not finished to your complete satisfaction.


So that upon completion one word and only one word comes to mind.....